The Scale of the Universe

Aug 06 2010 Published by under [Biology&Environment], [Physical Science]

A friend sent this link to me the other day, and I found it absolutely fascinating. The scale of things can really boggle the human mind! Just wanted to share. (It loads in the browser pretty slowly, so have patience and don't get all clicky-clicky like me, or you'll crash your browser.)

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  • tideliar says:

    That is simply awesome. Thanks for sharing.

  • Alyssa says:

    That is freakin' awesome! I'll have to bookmark that for my outreach stuff.

    Not sure if you've seen this video, but it's called Powers of 10. It starts at the human scale about 1 meter) and increases by a factor of 10 every 10 seconds. Then it decreases. It was made in the 1970's, but it's still an amazing video. Here's the link:

  • Dr Becca says:

    I love this. It's strange, when I go all the way in one direction and then back, there's a strange feeling of comfort that washes over me when I get back into the range of things on "our" scale.

  • Dr. O says:

    Absolutely amazing! Just sent to all my nerdy relatives to enjoy. 🙂

  • Allan Balmer says:

    An early essay on the subject of biological size:

    On Being the Right Size is a 1926 essay by J B S Haldane which discusses proportions in the animal world and the essential link between the size of an animal and the systems an animal depends on for life. It was published as one of Haldane's collected essays in Possible Worlds and Other Essays. His thesis is that sheer size very often defines what bodily equipment an animal must have:

    [BTW - Your blog and comments were visible; the ":Scale of the Universe" file was not.

    Allan Balmer