NIH Peer Review Revealed

Aug 24 2010 Published by under [Education&Careers]

Today I came across this excellent video from the NIH that describes its review process in detail. Thought it could be of help to those of you unfamiliar...

NIH Review Process Revealed

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  • DrugMonkey says:

    psst. you might want to put PhysioProf's comments into the moderation bin for a while....

  • This video does an excellent job of advancing NIH's propaganda stories about how study sections operate, but does a very shitty job of showing how study sections actually operate. Anyone who has actually served on even a single study section will laugh their fucken ass off while watching that video.

  • Candid Engineer says:

    Alight, well for those of us who haven't served, how would we know? What particularly is untruthful? Is it at least true in spirit?

    In any event, it seems to do a good job of explaining how your grant is assigned and how many reviewers actually read the whole thing, etc.

  • BKProf says:

    I think that study sections, like academic departments, have their own cultures. I just completed 4+ years on a study section that was run very well and seemed to have a quorum of mature, thoughtful members. Business was done in a manner very similar to that depicted in the video, and we were able to discuss/disagree with each other in a respectful manner. However, I am well aware from colleagues in other subfields (as well as my own ad hoc service on other sections) that this is not always the case and that study sections can be highly political and full of sniping. My guess is that this is a leadership issue and that a good SRO can make all the difference.

  • DrugMonkey says:

    Really BKProf? Never had anyone resist changing their initial position for no reason other than ego? Never had serious and lasting disagreements (complete with camps) over structural (eg, value of new investigator status) or scientific (our pole of the subfield is the bestest!) issues? Never had ex temp argument break out over grant mechanism?

    All just happy, happy and straightforward review?

  • Namnezia says:

    I object to the Discovery channel style music throughout the beginning part of the video.

  • The collegiality is not what is totally fake about this video. What the video fails to depict is that--while the actual verbal discourse can sound very much like in the video--almost all of the real business of scoring grants gets transacted via code-language and behavior that isn't shown or explained.

  • asdf says:

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  • weight says:

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