Imposter Syndrome While Doing Good

Oct 25 2010 Published by under [Education&Careers], [Science in Society]

I must confess to you, my friends. When I was asked, along with my fellow Scientopians, to participate in this year's Donors Choose challenge, I wasn't sure if I wanted to do it. Not because I'm not interested in Donors Choose- in fact, I've enjoyed contributing to it for years- but because I was afraid I wouldn't be able to raise a respectable number of donations compared to my blogging peers.

Yes, I have imposter syndrome even while trying to do good. Makes me want to slap myself, really.

But, I decided that I didn't want to leave it entirely to my colleagues to harass the shit out of you and your wallets during this month of giving. Actually, I was just excited to set up a donation page in which I could select projects that touch upon subjects near and dear to my heart.

In particular, I like to drum up chemistry, engineering, genetics, and energy. And I like to choose high poverty schools in red states- why? Perhaps it is a little ridiculous, but for me, the most feared variety of Republican is the one that is not educated in math and science. Therefore, I am trying to catalyze political change in the red states through frog dissection and climate change textbooks. LOL, makes sense, no?

Now, I am no PalMD or Drug Monkey, but my giving page has thus far drawn an impressive number of donations, which is totes exciting. As of right now, 16 of you, my readers, have donated $341 to support an estimated 666 school children. It is interesting to note that, although I am not near the top of the Scientopia leader board for total donations, my giving page has the second most # of donors. There is power in numbers, my friends! Donate $10 a piece to your heart's content, and I will love you forever.

Last week, I asked you to donate in honor of my cat's castrated balls. For those of you who expressed concern, his ball-less pouch is healing quite nicely, thank you, and his antics have not been dampened in the least. He is currently chasing his rainbow mouse around the house with a fervor that I'd consider abnormal for having just lost his reproductive unit. But whatevs.

My husband has been quite impressed by the cash that has been donated in our cat's balls' honor. If you were willing to donate ~$300 for The Candid Kitten's Balls, my husband has astutely wondered how much you'd be willing to donate in honor of his (much larger and still-attached) balls.

Let me wrap up this bizarre post by thanking Beaker Half Full, Cana Ross, Kirsten Tracy, Julia Shelton, Kate Medicus, Rose Szabady, Melinda Hale, Sarah Nichols, Jennifer Greenwood, and several anonymous donors for their contributions to Donors Choose during this past week. As per football tradition, I'd give you a reverberating slap on the ass if I met you in person.

And my giving page is here if you're in the mood.

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