Donors Choose Thank-You

Nov 15 2010 Published by under [Education&Careers], [Science in Society]

I'd like to thank all of my readers who participated in this year's Donors Choose challenge. My giving page has thus far accumulated $564 in donations, which have supported 1,000 children through 12+ projects.

Because HP was generously matching all donations provided through the science blogger challenge, those of you who donated should have received an email in the past couple of days containing a unique coupon code for approximately the amount you donated, which you can now use towards any project of your choice. I took my coupon code and donated to several more of the projects on my giving page, and I would encourage you to do the same.

Of particular note is the project Apple-Ka-Dabra, which I would love to see funded. Mrs. S teaches students in a high-poverty region of West Virginia, and she is requesting 8 scientific investigation kits that her high school chemistry students will use to teach nearby kindergarten students. I think this is a fabulous project, particularly because the older students will be interfacing with the younger- it will be a great way to bring the spirit of teaching alive in these high school chemistry students and to foster a sense of scientific community. If you are inclined, the project is only $146 away from completion as of today.

I promised a prize to a randomly-selected reader who donated through my giving page- and the winner is Rad Scientist!! Rad, please contact me through my email (contact page at upper right) and we will set something up.

Thanks again to all of you. Things have been tough around here with too much traveling and too many ailing/dying relatives. I am hoping to resume regular posting again soon.

xoxo CE

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