Oh, It's About Trust

Nov 19 2010 Published by under [Etc]

Postdocs are supposed to be able to carry out their own experiments, no? They're supposed to, say, actually DO things?

A friend of mine was helping a new postdoc in his lab get started, and generously spent a good deal of time showing this postdoc the ropes. Postdoc wanted to start doing Assay X, which takes all day. So, first, my friend showed Postdoc how to do Assay X. Then, when Postdoc was ready, my friend watched Postdoc perform Assay X to make sure he was doing everything correctly. And it all looked fine.

Now, Postdoc is hounding the shit out of my friend to do all of his Assay X experiments for him. The reason?

Postdoc "trusts my friend more than he trusts himself".

LOLzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!!!!!!!!! Ahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fucking absurd. And of course it's not a one-time incident with this dude- conman seems to be his profession of choice over postdoc. Where do these fucktards come from? The harder I work, the more these people piss me the fuck off.

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  • My post-docs and students *hide* their shitte when they see me coming. The other day I walzed into the lab and announced that I was thinking of doing some experiments. The looks on their faces were totally fucken hilarious, ranging from guffaws to horror.

  • jc says:

    Postdoc d00d shitbrain's girlfriend does his work for him. She is not an employee. She doesn't leave his side when he's there. She works when he's not there. *eyeroll*

    He doesn't write papers either, he doesn't analyze data. He acts like he runs the place though. I remind him regularly that his diaper needs changing, that something stinks.

    *snarl rage scream*

  • When I was at National Lab, I ran into some of these postdocs. The extra money seems to bring out the acting ability in some of those con artists!